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Department of Computer Science
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Algorithmic Foundations & Education in Computer Science

Welcome to the website of the working group Algorithmic Foundations & Education in Computer Science!

The group is lead by Prof. Dr. Johannes Fischer and belongs to the department's chair 11 (Algorithm Engineering) and works in two areas of research: algorithmic foundations and education in computer science.

Picture of the working group of Prof. Dr. Fischer © Lutz Kampert​/​TU Dortmund

Algorithmic Foundations

In our research on Algorithmic Foundations, we deal with fundamental problems in computer science that are often part of more general, larger problems. The include, but are not limited to:

  • Text indexing
  • Succinct data structures
  • Algorithms for BIG DATA
  • Parallel algorithms

Education in Computer Science

In the field of Education in Computer Science, we focus on learners' mental models on different educational levels and relating to different topics. These include:

  • Machine Learning in lower secondary education
  • Programming in (higher) secondary education
  • Reflective practices of pre-service teachers

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